Outstanding Achievements by Dar Al-Thikr School Champions: Shining in the “Mawhiba” Competition and Winning Medals

Dar Al-Thikr Private Schools continue to achieve remarkable success in the educational sector, with three of its students excelling in the “Mawhiba” competition, a qualifying event for the International Olympiads. First, we have Abdulaziz Bukhari, who earned a semester medal in physics on a kingdom-wide scale. Next, Abdulwahab Mahdi, a 7th-grade student, secured the bronze medal in the field of science, also on a kingdom-wide scale. Following them is the talented student Saleh Zuhair Nato, who was nominated to participate in the Winter 2024 event, specializing in astronomy and space.

This significant achievement reflects the school’s commitment to providing an educational environment that fosters excellence and nurtures the students’ talents. It also mirrors the spirit of distinction and determination that we strive to instill in the hearts of our students day by day. We continuously aim to support our students and their talents in realizing their aspirations and developing their capabilities in various fields.

The staff of Dar Al-Thikr Schools feel immense pride and admiration for the success of their students. They emphasize the importance of supporting students and the dedication to developing the youth’s abilities. These fantastic accomplishments result from the “Mawhiba” program for the International Olympiad, which aims to discover and support talented individuals in various scientific fields. It provides a genuine opportunity for young people to develop their skills and participate in prestigious international competitions.

Dar Al-Thikr Schools extend their warmest congratulations to our middle school students Abdulaziz Bukhari , Abdulwahab Mahdi, and Saleh Nato. We would hope these students will continue to achieve remarkable successes and accomplishments. This significant achievement encourages all students at our school to pursue their dreams and strive for excellence.

This news represents yet another addition to the list of successes and achievements recorded by Dar Al-Thikr Schools.

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